1. "Sleep" 

    Live by Iris

    Producer: Sean Lozanao
    Co-producer: Yoshi Inoue
    Cinematographer: Alex Carillo, Yoshi Inoue
    Post-Production: Yoshi Inoue
    Special Thanks to Aladdin Jr. II, Kyle Thurin, and Alex Carillo

  2. theechola:

    #EchoParkRising final lineup is here :)

    Reblog for a chance at VIP tickets!

    we play friday :)

  3. "sleep" live at the silver lake lounge

  4. "intro"

  6. at the colony warehouse.


  7. 2 guitars. 1 vocal.

  9. " when iris sleeps over what a book she writes"


  10. A little garage iPhone demo Alex and Michelle made a few weeks back. New song we are working on let us know what you think!